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Here are some examples of our recent work showing how we inquire on behalf of a leader or leadership team, co-create insights on where to focus, and offer support in realising their goals.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

We have been supporting the senior team of Deputy Directors General for the last four years to identify and grasp leadership issues across this highly multi-cultural Agency.  We have worked to shape their Leadership Blueprint, roll out leadership training driven by the Blueprint and facilitate major off- sites such as the recent Retreat for 180 staff in Safeguards.

Global Mobile Telephone Company

We have helped global teams become more collaborative and make better use of social technology.   This work formed a framework for collaborative work throughout the organisation.

UK Agency in the Energy Sector

We have been  working with the organisation to achieve a significant strategic realignment and to articulate the new narrative through modelling desired behaviours and engaging staff in the change program. This has included top team facilitation and coaching, design and facilitation of leadership community events and support and advice throughout the change programme.

Welsh Assembly Government, Food Standards Agency & Social Research Association

We have supported these and other government and non-government organizations in conducting research which is robust, relevant and useable for policy development and organizational change.  We have developed a quality framework and run training courses to help research act as a more effective driver for decision making.  We have led a committee of independent experts overseeing a complex programme of research designed to inform a sensitive and complex policy area.

Australian Public Service Commission

We advised on and shaped a major review of corporate leadership development in itself sponsored by the Australian Prime Minister.

Abu Dhabi Government

We worked closely with 20 Permanent Secretaries to help shape a delivery strategy to meet the 2030 agenda.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)

We have supported the leadership of BIS for the last ten years to shape the Department’s leadership model.  We have designed and delivered a New Leaders Programme for Senior Civil Servants and this quarterly 2 day programme, validated by the National School of Government, now has over 100 alumni and provides a huge resource for BIS.  We have supported the Department with change programmes, organisational development issues, facilitating team events and providing coaching to senior staff and Ministers.

Health Care Commission

We worked with the Commission’s leadership community to reshape their approach to healthcare regulation.  Our strategy included the examination of team dynamics, collaborative working, facilitation of the change programme and improving the key business process.

Africa Governance Initiative (AGI), Sierra Leone

We reviewed the impact of AGI after the first year of supporting the Government of Sierra Leone in effectively implementing the President’s poverty reduction agenda.  We worked closely with Government Ministers, senior civil servants and the AGI team to generate an action-oriented report with high levels of ownership.

International Electronics Company

We partnered with the leadership team to devise and facilitate large group events to engage staff in, and raise commitment to, a strategically important acquisition where previously this had been difficult to achieve. 

Major IT Services Company

We intervened through workshops and coaching to help leaders and business developers raise levels of trust in their key customers. 

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Here are some examples of our recent work showing how we inquire on behalf...
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